• attempt to outlaw smoking

    Recently, Time named the 00s the worst decade ever. This is clearly ridiculous when you consider their comparison set includes decades featuring things like «The Atmosphere is Made of Pure Sulfur» and «Romans Fed My Hippie Flesh to a Fucking Lion.» But what if we narrow the criteria to the last 100 years, instead: 1910 2009. How would the 00s stack up? Would the 20s kick its goofy ass? Could it travel back in time like Marty McFly and give the 50s a massive wedgie? We’ll see, as we count down the top 10 decades of the century, in ascending order:.

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    Fresno State coach Jerry Tarkanian says he hasn’t decided whether to retire. Nolan Richardson could tell him how to speed up the process. Alcoa High basketball coach David Marsh, three time All State player who led Alcoa to the 1967 state championship and later made All America at Union University in Jackson, Tenn., will retire at the end of this season. His record in six years at Alamo High and 13 at Alcoa is 438 124. He’s taken Alcoa to six state tournaments..

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    Flores’s mural the rough outlines of which had been stenciled onto the front of the paddleboard shop was of a surfer crouched in the curl of a wave. The owner of the paddleshop, identified as «War Dog,» was on hand as well, claiming to have trademarked the phrase «stoked for life.» «War Dog,» Lee noted, had been in Las Vegas during the recent mass shooting and took some unspecified shrapnel. «Life can change in a moment,» Lee said.

    Despite the superior number of goals, the Bears were outshot by Saint Mary’s 29 31. Cal was, however, more aggressive in ground balls, which it won 17 13, and had six fewer turnovers. Such statistics demonstrate that Cal made more of its possessions than the Gaels.

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