• The 59 year old, currently the world’s only African

    While in the past, you could drop by the club any time to hit some balls and then maybe join a group to go out to play a quick nine, that not the case anymore. Instead, you not allowed on the property on Alert Road unless you got a tee time and head starter Dave Roque was there to greet you with his wide smile at the entrance in the morning to check you in. Usually, he armed with caramels, but rules are rules..

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    According to journalists, the main reason why brand content fails is that it is too self serving. This content does not succeed in offering enough value to the intended audience. More than half of journalists think non media communicators are always looking to sell something, which puts off many consumers.

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    In spite of the fast spreading of all these new findings about life, there are a lot of people still living only focused on their material life. They struggle, assume their fate as a given, see themselves as victims without hope. If you try to tell them the life is not like this, they don’t even want to listen.

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