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    In short, the demands on the public hospital system increase significantly.»It’s core business for hospitals to plan for increased demand in winter.»Additional beds are opened and staff are asked to fill in and work longer hours, more often.»However, when Canberra Hospital is on ambulance bypass, regardless of the time of year, we’re justified in asking what’s going on and why weren’t we able to cope.»A one off event such as we saw last night can happen, but I’d start to be more concerned if we see a repeat of last night’s bypass and particularly, for extended periods of time.»A Canberra Health Services spokesman said paediatrics patients, those with life threatening emergencies, and trauma patients are always taken directly to Canberra Hospital.»[ACT Ambulance Service] never bypass a hospital during a life threatening emergency,» he said.»To address the period of increased demand last night, the team at Canberra Health Services eased pressure across the hospital by creating internal capacity, discharging appropriate patients, and transferring suitable patients to private hospitals.»A bypass provides a period of reduced inflow into the emergency department to ensure the emergency department stays safe.»During a bypass, where possible, ambulances are diverted to an alternative hospital to manage the period of peak demand.»"We would also like to remind the community to only attend emergency departments in a genuine emergency.»There are several options if you require non urgent medical attention. These include the three Walk In Centres located in Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Gungahlin. Additionally, you can also speak to your GP or other primary care provider.».

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