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    The high profile couple are using their fame to promote ‘World Baby Shower’ along with UNICEF, an initiative that aims to help expectant and vulnerable mothers.Towards the end of last month and Gerard Pique welcomed their second child together, a boy they named Sasha, and now the Columbian born pop star is using her high profile status to give back to other mothers around the globe. And Pique with their firstborn, MilanThe celebrity couple, who are also parents to 2 year old son, Milan, are teaming up with UNICEF to throw a ‘World Baby Shower,’ which aims to help vulnerable mothers as well as their children and in some cases save their lives.In a new blog entry, promotes the initiative while explaining why it is important that she and Pique offer their help to people in need. The 38 year old songstress is fully aware she was very lucky to have access to all the necessary resources required during her two pregnancies, something that lots of pregnant women don’t have.More: and Gerard Pique Welcome Second Baby Boy, Reveal Meaningful Baby Name»As the time of my son’s birth grew closer, I was full of anticipation,» she wrote about pregnancy No.1.

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