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    Past Ontario Bar Association president David Sterns argues that we should defund the Ontario Civil Rules Committee. In its place we should involve coque iphone 5s sticker bomb new voices and coque iphone 4s silicone pingouin take an inter disciplinary approach to building the committee. I agree. Let not just tinker around the edges. We need to hear what lay people think. We need to hear the insight of experienced practitioners and judges. We need to hear what articling students and law students think. . . . [more]

    In March 2020, courts across Canada have been forced to confront issues arising from social distancing measures. The Supreme Court of Canada is now allowing documents to be filed by email, with original paper copies to be filed subsequently at a later date. Further information can be found here.

    Similarly, the Ontario Court of Appeal is allowing material to be filed by email. More information can be found here.

    In Morris v Onca, 2020 ONSC 1690, Justice Myers dealt with an urgent matter, wherein he allowed material to be filed by email. In this case, the judgment . . . [more]

    To many people delight, the Law Society of Ontario has stated that it is interpreting section 9 of the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act to include virtual commissioning. Reponses to a Slaw post by Pulat Yunusov from last November, in support of the LSO then position against virtual commissioning were dismissive of his coque iphone 5c personalisé concerns about coque iphone 5 flash led virtual commissioning; they also illustrate coque iphone 5s aide soignante the eagerness with which people are keen to throw off the bonds of in person commissioning. (Yunusov stressed the importance of the ritual, as well as the inability of meeting some requirements through technology.)

    However, the LSO is not the only . . . [more]

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    The Atrium debacle has now moved out of the legal innovation news cycle having been coque iphone xr mostly savaged (and rightly so) for its lack of understanding of the market it purported to serve, its inability to coque iphone 5s pour la plage learn from the past, and a seemingly waste of investor money. It remains a sad example of how an entity built solely around hype is able to gain huge profile and raise massive amounts of money with no reasonable ROI, while entities doing really good work impacting far more people coque samsung a20 (on a shoestring!) are largely ignored.

    One of the claims made on Twitter during the . . . [more]

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    Prior to Ontario’s most recent coque iphone 5 breizh provincial election, I didn’t know much about Pro Bono Ontario (»PBO»), a registered charity since 2001 which serves just under 30,000 clients each year coque iphone 5s nike silicone from 11 locations. I wasn’t a litigator, coque iphone 5 holographique and my clients were large corporations, not regular, everyday Canadians, so it wasn’t part of my world. But earlier this year, PBO gave a most impressive presentation to the Legal Innovators Roundtable describing how it was achieving maximum impact with a modest budget through its Free coque iphone 5c avec ecriture Legal Advice Hotline, using a thoughtful blend of volunteers as well as old and new technology. It sounded . . . [more]

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    The court system is designed by lawyers for lawyers for a bygone era. As technology develops and the numbers of self represented litigants increase, the design flaws in our paper based court system becomes more apparent.

    Recently, the Chief Justice of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the coque personnalisees iphone Honourable Heather Smith addressed this issue with the Toronto Star. Justice Smith stated that «there really is no difference walking into a courtroom at 361 University Ave than there was 40 years ago.» Justice Smith furtheradds that the way paper moves through the court system is madness. . . [more]

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    Recently, the Honourable Justice Clement Gascon of the Supreme Court of Canada coque iphone 5 addressed his momentary absence from work on May 8th, 2019.

    For over twenty years, I have been dealing with a sometimes insidious illness: depression and anxiety disorders. . . [more]

    On March 28, 2019, the Coalition Avenir Quebec government tabled Bill n21: An Act respecting the laicity of the State to fulfill an election promise to ensure the religious coque iphone 5s ou est charlie neutrality of the state and prohibit many public sector employees from wearing religious symbols at work. The proposed legislation is being studied coque iphone 5c transparente moustache in parliament at this moment.

    After the failed attempts of the Parti Qubcois with its charter of values in 2014, and the Liberal Party with Bill 62 in 2017 with an Act to foster adherence to State religious neutrality and, in particular, to provide a framework for requests for . . . [more]

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    The recent announcement of EY’s proposed acquisition of one hundred percent of the shares in Riverview Law (closing at the end of August, 2018) has elicited a number coque iphone 5s avec support of different responses around the globe all speculating on what this transaction means for the coque iphone 11 coque iphone 5 espace future of legal services Was this a lifeline to Riverview Law Will clients really want legal and accounting to be done by the same firm Aren’t the Big Four just marginally less clunky than Biglaw Will BigLaw be worried Some of those comments are coque iphone 5c h et m here.

    But like all fast breaking stories, there is some fog. So it’s . . . [more]

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