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  • Flip cover samsung a6 Can Russia Act On Its Threats Against The F-cover samsung galaxy a3 2016 trasparente-xydqku

    In a move that would raise eyebrows even by Cold War standards of political cover samsung tab3 7 pollici saber rattling, the cover samsung cover samsung s 10 plus originale specchio galaxy s4 patatine moschino Russian Embassy in Washington seemed to threaten America’s F 35 fighter with Vietnam era propaganda footage. David L. Goldfein with two words ‘remember VietnamF 35 will never be alone observed by Foxtrot cover samsung a6 trasparente Alpha, the tweet is a direct reference to a recent Brookings Institution lecture given by cover samsung s8 unicorno Air Force chief of staff Gen. David cover samsung gt s7580 Goldfein. During his talk, General Goldfein gave this assessment cover samsung s9 calcio of the F 35’s capabilities:

    «If a China or a Russia or another adversary on the globe ever were to see an F 35 inside their airspace,» Goldfein said. «I would love to send them all messages with two words ‘we’re here. «It’s not ‘I’m here,’» he said. «An F 35 will never be alone.»

    Several outlets have offered important insight into Goldfein’s speech, noting that his comments came on the heels of a successful F 35s performance at the annual Red Flag exercise in Nevada. At the same Brookings event, Goldfein stressed that the F 35 exceeded «our cover samsung s7 trasparente con disegni expectations when it comes to cover samsung alcantara cover samsung s8 galaxy a3 2015 legno not only being able to cover samsung galaxy j5 2016 nike survive, but to prosecute targets. covered, however, is the cover samsung galaxy j 3 2017 cover samsung tablet a context behind the Russian response. On cover samsung s3 rigida the surface, it’s clearly a play on words intended as a dig at the F 35’s stealth capabilities; that is, an F 35 «will never be alone» in Russian airspace flip cover samsung a6 because Russian anti air systems will detect it.

    The Vietnam propaganda footage is also straightforward, considering the massive losses sustained by the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. These losses were, in no small part, due cover samsung a70 legno to the hundreds of air defense systems most prolifically, the S 75 Dvina and anti air cannons funneled flip cover samsung galaxy s4 by the Soviets to the Viet Cong.

    Still, there are some deeper subtexts worth considering. First, the Kremlin is engaged in a long running PR campaign to sell potential investors on the viability of their Su 57 stealth fighter program. In the sense disney store cover samsung that these efforts have always included potshots at the competing F 35, the tweet cover samsung a3 torino calcio would not be at all unusual if written by a Russian political commentator or military analyst. In pusheen cover samsung fact, it almost certainly would have never been covered by major media outlets if it didn’t come from the Russian Embassy.

    But if the lead is the source and not the content, then what explains the former Why would an official diplomatic body like the Russian Embassy tweet something of this kind

    This is perhaps the most aggressive illustration of a new Russian rhetorical approach. In the early and mid 2010’s, standard Kremlin practice was to simply ignore western aspersions against Russian military capabilities. But over the recent years, Russian officials have made an increasingly dramatic point cover samsung j3 2016 silicone 3d disney of publicly responding to these types of comments. As one recent example, cover samsung a6 tablet 10.1 it was only a few months ago that the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a biting reply to the US Ambassador to Colombia, who dismissed the Tu 160 bomber as little more than a museum piece.

    This strategy is perhaps not without a rationale. At a time when the Kremlin is actively signaling both its nuclear and conventional deterrent capabilities to NATO, they may very well believe that even an indirect slight against Russian air defense systems cannot go unanswered.

    Mark Episkopos is a frequent contributorto The National Interest and serves as research assistant at the Center for the National Interest. Mark is alsoa PhD student in History at American University.(This first appeared earlier in 2018.)..

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  • Flip cover samsung a40 originale Covid hits revenue model- Gomma …-narmvw

    Make sure no patient is turned away: Delhi, Maharashtra to private hospitals yes I have Trump claims to have proof that coronavirus originated in Wuhan labDelhi: Active cases in most containment zones, curbs to stay post lockdownIn Karnataka, worry over spurt in corona cases among SARI patientsPunjab: 183 Nanded pilgrims test positive, vilification fears riseAt 1,000 deaths, only Germany had conducted more COVID 19 tests than IndiaMaharashtra: 52 year old first Covid patient to undergo plasma therapy diesIn Pune, lockdown to be relaxed in least affected areas after May 3The premises of Southern Kolkata’s Remedy Hospital wears a deserted look, with stray staff attending to a few patients in the OPD. There isn’t any crowd either at the 681 bed Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS).»Compared with about 1,000 cover samsung galaxi j7 patients visiting the hospital on a regular basis, only around 50 patients are coming now,» said RTIICS CEO R Venkatesh. Most private hospitals have witnessed a huge drop in footfall of patients in emergency as well as OPDs, and almost all patients have rescheduled their elective surgeries.From large hospital chains to smaller nursing homes, the lockdown and the Covid pandemic have re shaped operations: cover samsung s3 neo harry potter revenues have dipped by 70 80 per cent, operating costs have jumped with hospitals required to provide staffers financial incentives, personal protective equipment (PPE), transport service, and even cover samsung j2 2018 silicone accommodation.At Hinduja cover samsung s7 edge legno Hospital in Khar, Mumbai, elective surgeries generated 80 per cent revenues, said its Medical Director, Dr Avinash Supe. «The occupancy is only 20 per cent since elective surgeries like cosmetic procedures, joint replacement, have completely stopped. We are treating only Custodia iPhone 6S Cover iPhone 6 Cover morbido Trasparente cancer and fracture cases. OPD has come down too,» he said.For the hospital, PPE, transport and accommodation, on the other hand, have added 10 per cent to the cost, he said.Operating a Covid facility is much cover samsung s5 2016 more expensive, said Abhay Soi, Chairman, Max Healthcare, and CMD, Radiant Life Care. «It is thrice that at a regular hospital due to the cost of protective gear and tests we perform to ensure our healthcare workers are not infected. We also have to exercise caution in operating other facilities (25 per cent costlier now) so that patients with other critical conditions, and doctors and nurses treating them, do not get infected,» he said.Testing costs. Take for example, South Mumbai’s Bhatia Hospital where 51 staffers tested positive. It spent Rs 32 lakh to test over 700 staffers. «And these tests will be routinely done again and again,» said R B Dastur, medical director of the hospital.Then there are safeguards. «Our hospital requires 300 PPEs daily for its staff and we spend Rs 2.4 lakh a day on this,» said an administrator bts cover samsung at Breach Candy Hospital in South Mumbai. «Our hospital’s income comes mostly from cardiac and stroke patients. But those cases have disappeared, we don’t know why. There may be salary cuts in other industries. Vendo nuove cover iphone originali liu jo 5 5s… – Depop But in private hospitals, we are paying over 20 per cent incentives to staffers who agree to work,» KRUSELL CUSTODIA ORIGINALE HARD COVER GAIA APPLE IPHONE 4 PINK the administrator said.Some can take these extra costs, others, including several neighbourhood nursing homes, have locked themselves down. «We can’t afford PPE daily for every staffer. Some demanded a raise. With no patients, it is difficult to handle the increased cost,» a paediatrician from the nursing home said.The Breach Candy administrator said a hospital makes profits only if occupancy rates are 80 85 per cent. «Since cover samsung s7 edge portafoglio the pandemic began, bed occupancy is hardly 30 per cent,» he said.At 20 per cent occupancy levels, revenues per quarter of private hospitals are likely to drop to Rs 18,000 crore from Rs 59,000 crore (pre Covid) and losses at around Rs 22,000 crore, said Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises, and President, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.»The pain that the private sector is facing is the complete lack of revenue right now,» she told The Indian Express. «The ability to say that we can provide free treatment YSIMEE Compatibile Con Cover iPhone XR CustodiaOriginale 360 for Covid 19 is not cover samsung j5 2017 portafoglio (possible) other nursing homes and smaller hospitals are in a very bad scenario too. Most of them are losing money and don’t know how to pay salaries,» Dr Reddy said.Said Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director, Medanta The Medicity: «Healthcare facilities are already cruising close to the ground in terms of revenues and profits. Now, the outbreak and cover samsung mini s4 lockdown has resulted in drop in cover samsung s3 in silicone revenue. There is a huge gap in our ability to pay our costs. We don’t want to get rid of our staff and we want to keep operations intact. The industry may have to borrow up to Rs 10,000 crore to keep alive,» he cover samsung s5 rigida said.Unlike other industrial sectors, where the lockdown means units are shut down and staff stays home, said Reddy of Apollo Hospitals, hospitals don’t have that elbow room.»For (sectors like) aviation, you know they are shut down. They are closed, they are at home and it’s done till they reopen. For healthcare, not only do you have no patients, but you cover samsung s5 originale have to be open for the 10 per cent or 20 per cent cover samsung s7 edge oro who will come because they need you. On top of it, you have to also treat this unknown, critical and difficult to handle third type of environment (the outbreak) and handle your staff’s insecurities,» she said.Trehan said there was a need for the government to support the working capital requirement at a lower interest rate. «We’re not asking for grants, because we know that the government is already under pressure,» he said.»Now that special COVID 19 hospitals have been created, there are no more Covid patients in hospitals like Medanta, so those who are non Covid can come for their treatment without fear. Once that happens, the financial situation will improve,» he said.Ficci has, meanwhile, sought exemptions and waivers on indirect taxes, income tax benefits, deferment of statutory liability payments, and liquidity support.But some public health experts suggest that the industry always exaggerates its burden. A few hospital bills accessed by The Indian Express show that patients have been billed in the thousands for PPE used by KRUSELL CUSTODIA ORIGINALE HARD COVER LUNA APPLE IPHONE 4 RED hospital staff.In one instance, a Covid patient, who is admitted in a large private hospital for over 10 days now, was billed over Rs 8 lakh for treatment, with PPE costs running up to nearly Rs 50,000. The hospital is not being named since the cover samsung galaxy a3 6 patient remains admitted and the family shared the bills on condition Cover iPhone 6 / 6S custodia per iphone 6 disegno originale di un of anonymity.Dr Shaktivel Selvaraj, Director, Health Economics, Financing and Policy, at the cover samsung s10 plus spigen Public Health Foundation of India, estimates the average cost of treatment of a Covid patient admitted to the ICU for 10 days and on ventilator support at a hospital in the charitable sector at Rs 2.5 3 lakh, just a third of Rs 8 lakh the patient has been billed so far.Hospitals prefer brands that provide them higher commissions leading to higher costs for patients. «This holds good even during a pandemic,» said Malini Aisola representing All India Drug Action Network (AIDAN), a patient activist group. «We have observed that costs of repeated Covid testing, PPE etc are all offloaded to the patient.»Selvaraj said private hospitals and clinics have profited, even profiteered, over several years. «They should ideally be able to plough this money back at this time to manage. They have got land at concessional rates in some states, they have got electricity and water subsidised, and the only major cost for them is paying salaries. As long as they are able to pay their salaries, they should be able to get back their revenues I can tell you, watch it for the next six months or so no big, or even smaller clinics, are going to shut down. This is just a short term phenomenon,» he said.In some states, private hospitals, especially in Tier II or Tier III cities, bank on business from non cover samsung s advance Covid patients and are wary of the ‘mahamari aspatal’ tag. For instance, leading corporate hospital Paras HMRI in Patna refers four to five suspected Covid cases to specialised hospitals everyday instead of treating them itself. Rahman, Medical Superintendent, Paras HMRI, said, «Because we have to take care of non COVID 19 cases.»..

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